We are CGRID

At CGRID we set out to unravel the entangled regulatory web. We want to rid compliancy of its complexity, promote clarity and offer true control.

Our Team

We combine regulatory and compliance know how, with a deep understanding of our clients needs and technical expertise to change compliancy from a complex challenge into an important opportunity.

Henk van Dijk

A regulatory and compliance expert mainly within the financial industry. Passionate about unraveling complex information puzzles where leading technology and teamwork make it happen. That is the core of CGRID.

    Gert Jan Thierry

    Specialized in project and program management. 25+ years of experience in helping organizations comply with national and international Financial Market related regulatory rules and regulations.

      Peter-Paul Kruijsen

      Passionate knowledge engineer with over 2 decades experience as entrepreneur and software developer, bridging gaps between domain experts and machine language.

        Quintin Siebers

        A knowledge engineering, artificial intelligence and Topicmaps expert with over 15 years of development experience in semantic software. Motivated by making technical seemingly impossible problems possible.

          Sander Middendorp

          Energetic, positive, creative and result driven leader with expertise in how to unlock the value of data by helping organizations to get a better understanding about data sharing and how to organize this in a more responsible and easily way.

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