The ultimate compliance engine

When dealing with compliance challenges, up-to-date information, and insights, the tools to assess compliance are key. CGRID offers all of that and much more.

Our easy to use system allows you to self assess the state of compliance. Our clear and concise dashboard, offers actionable insights and our community driven modules help you pick the brains of your experts.

This is how CGRID benefits your organization

Get ready to grab control of your compliance. No more surprises, fragmented policies or unclear responsibilities. CGRID changes all of that, in a user friendly and safe environment tailored to you!


No surprises, just control

Reduce lag

Never be surprised by new regulations. CGRID will actively keep you updated on what impacts your industry and organization.


One centralized location for your compliance program

Reduce risk

Benefit from a multidimensional approach to compliance. All the current regulatory information and organizational policies in one easy to use system.


Know who is responsible for what and keep track.

Reduce knowledge gaps

CGRID enables regulatory change management. Set deadlines, assign owners, approve.ย 


Minimize external effort by maximizing internal knowledge

Reduce cost

The CGRID knowledgebase and our Q&A module offer an environment where continuous learning is facilitated.


The CGRID system offers easy to set-up and use modules to help you get a good grip on compliance rules, regulations and processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The CGRID system is built for every single industry. We offer the benefits of compliancy aspects that are universal, combined with an implentation based on your (industry’s) specific needs.

Pricing depends on your specific needs. Contact us and request a demo. During our demonstration we will show you what CGRID can do for you and ask many questions about what you need. After that we will make you a personalized offer for implementation of CGRID.

We implement CGRID on your schedule. After we sit down, show you what we can do and you tell us your needs and specific requirements, the system will be up and running in no time.

Yes, whenever rules, regulations and legislation, are updated by a regulator CGRID will receive the updates overnight and will make these available for you.

Get your compliance under control today

Legislation, policy, reality. Get a grip on all of it! Contact us today to schedule your demo.